• 01

    April 23, 2003
    Shekinya.net went live on Yahoo! GeoCities. There, it served as a website to host my short stories.

  • 02

    May 14, 2008
    Shekinya.net went live with its own domain and DynDNS. It was hosted with Windows IIS.

  • 03

    April 5, 2013
    Shekinya.net migrated over to Apache, CentOS 5.1.

  • 04

    February 29, 2016
    Shekinya.net format was changed for the first time since its inception. The new format was to include IT professional, photography and other creative facets.

  • 05

    May 24, 2016
    I just realized that 8 years ago today, www.shekinya.net went live in N. Royalton OH (Oakbrook Gardens, hence Oakbrook 17-102) for the very first time.

My professional website!


Shekinya.net started back in April 2003 on Yahoo! GeoCities -- for those that remember the Yahoo phenomena. It started as I was learning HTML and, at the time, I was writing fantasy stories. In 2008, Shekinya.net went live with DynDNS and I hosted the website at home. From 2008 to the current, it's been hosted at home with CentOS Apache and Windows IIS.

As Shekinya.net expanded after 2008, I've integrated a business site, blog and photography site into the website. Professionally, I work in IT, so Shekinya.net spurred off "Biz," which includes my "Systems Aboot" home business and local orginization "Oakbrook 17-102," which has its roots in N. Royalton OH. Shekinya.net also incorporates amateur photography work I do in Chicago. Oakbrook 17-102 is an incorporation of all my facets: photography, writing, IT, etc. It started in Oakbrook Gardens, the apartment complex I lived in 2008, located in N. Royalton OH. The name has remained to this day as my personal signage. It has nothing to do with Oak Brook IL, a Chicago suburb.

What's in a Name?

Seácháinha [< Cáterneásh, “Ard Rí” or “High Languange”], masc noun {Shechinah, Glorious, Glory, sim. Hebrew: Shekinah}. 1. The ‘Glory’ is an attribute of Coírhía and associated with the Fifth Elemental Point, the Concordant Summit [Uísara Uír]. 2. The ‘Glory’ is responsible for the creation of all ‘magical’ races of Arden including the Ancients, like the elves and dragons. 3. The ‘Glory’ manifests Himself as a wounded man or the magnificent aura of creation. He planted the Seth-ma-Sima [Tree of many colors] at Ur as a reminder to His wonder. He also placed the Sun in the Heavens and endowed its powers to King Exiv [Ecsíemh]. The Essence of Shekinya is bestowed on the Kings of Cátern as the Anointed Ones of Heaven [Óuran hEcclasheírran]. The Kings of Cátern are indwelled with His Spirit and are attuned to the Heavenly Realms and foresight into the Realm of Arden. King Shafhalóa, the first elfin King of Cátern foresaw much by the power of Shekinya. 4. The second aspect of the Source: Voice [Áugus] and Breath [Síorde] are the other two. Other forms: Sheácainha, Shekìnya, the Essence of Shekìnya.


  • “ At our company's event, Eric captured the entire evening through his lens. Each picture he took, Eric encapsulated color, expressions and time and turned it into art. I got the chance to view his photos of the event and am truthfully impressed! The photos are extremely pleasing and it is surely a night we can all relive just by looking at Eric's pictures. I cannot wait to see what he captures at our next event, all of his photos are posted around our office! Eric takes truly breathtaking photos, you feel like you are inside the picture. ”

    Amanda Ritter

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Professional events, family portraits, other special occasions.

Street Photos

Chicago is great place to capture a fast-paced culture and environment.


I have participated in several events and done photos.


Beautiful landscapes, nature, city scapes.


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Making prints and framing.

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