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Server Products and Exchange

I currently offer services that work directly with Microsoft Server, Active Directory and an On-Premise Exchange. I am also working on future efforts to upgrade the my current environment to Office 365.

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Private Networks

VPN offers a safe and secure wait to connect to a network. I host VPN on my network for a more elaborate way of working and sharing information.

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IIS and Apache

I offer web services through both IIS and Apache. Websites are hosted on both Linux and Microsoft products. CentOS is the Linux distribution and Windows Server 2012 is used.

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I offer services in Virtual Technology, ESXi and vSphere. I am currently looking to upgrade my vSphere environment to vSphere 5.5

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Nagios, Smokeping and Cacti

I use the open source software of Smokeping, Nagios and Cacti for all network monitoring. Nagios allows monitoring of services, network ports and hosts. Smeokping displays ping statuses, and Cacti graphs host output

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My Own Fame in My Own Frame

You have only one frame. What is your story?

"My Own Fame on My Own Frame" is my photography motto. Everyone has their own interpretation as to what it is. I think many fail to see the art, its purpose or meaning in it, and we just shoot at anything. In a society so obsessed with selfies, or their "camera" phones, what really is photography? We have the feature on our phones, but have you stopped and considered and made photography part of your soul? What thought actually goes into your photo? In a nutshell, to me, photography is a single framed story. You have only one single frame, what story are you going to tell? Your eyes tell one story, but what story does one single frame tell? It puts the whole big picture into perspective. I am an amateur photographer that works in the Chicagoland Area

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Adobe Light Room & Photoshop

The Creativce Cloud Suite

I've been using Adobe's monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. I am still mastering some of the many functions in both Light Room and Photoshop. I've done a few compositions with photoshop which include high-key photos, image merging, and some alterations. This recent photo I did in honor for my love of the book Dune by Frank Herbert. Long live the fighters of Muad'Dib!

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